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Anchor Susec


Sušec Aquapark

Duration:   3,5h

Difficulty:  easy

Suitable for:  everybody

The easiest canyoning tour with lots of fun slides and jumps, suitable for everyone. No previous knowledge required. We start with 30 minutes uphill warm up, followed by 1.5h of descent. Perfect place if you want to show your kids how canyoning looks like. And for the bigger kids there is almost always a bigger rock we can jump from.



-500€/private tour (max 8 pers.)

if you feel like being alone up there



seeing them smile know

Anchor frtarica
Fratarica rappel

Duration:   4-5h

Difficulty:  moderate

Suitable for:  friends of heights

Located 20 minutes drive from Bovec, in the heart of Triglav National park, this water gem offers a chance to learn how to rappel on your own. Starting with some small, not too steep waterfalls, we then progress to a 45m vertical rappel. Hanging so high above the ground will give you an unique view and definitely rush your blood through your veins. 



-600€/group discount (max 8 pers.)

the more the merrier


Duration:   4-5h

Difficulty:  challenging

Suitable for:  experienced people

Now, that's a real challenge, with high & difficult rappels, a few jumps and far away from everybody. Surrounded by steep wall on our right, forrest on the left and challenge ahead, we will enjoy the feeling of wilderness and conquer some of the most magestical waterfalls in the valley.



ankor raft
Rafting on Soča

Duration:   3,5h

Difficulty:  easy

Suitable for:  everyone


Back in 2005 there wasn't so much canyoning, so as all the local kids I also learned rafting...and perfected it through the years. So don't wait, let's get a boat and go rafting! Because you shouldn't miss out on probably the most wanted activity in the valley. I mean, how many places you know, where you can do rafting on drinkable water? 



-500€/private tour (max 7 pers.)

if you feel like being alone down there



my small contrubution to families

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