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About us


Actually, about me. My name is Jakob, and I am a local rafting and canyoning guide, guiding since 2005. In my many years of work I made well over 3000 tours in local rivers and canyonys. I'm also a mountain rescuer, white water rescuer, arborist and rope access worker, so I'm very familiar with rope techniques and rope rescuing. In 2016 I decided to make my own small business, offering families and small groups what I know best-safe, fun and unique touch of pristine nature, whit a pinch of adrenaline. With this website and flyers I'm hoping to reach out for more people looking for a private, professionally guided unforgettable canyoning experience. If you are this kind of person, feel free to contact me for any additional info. See you in Bovec!


"Why go with me?" when there's so many other canyoning providers around here. Here's couple of reasons which helped others to choose Bovec Canyoning:

-I'm a local, born & raised in the valley, knowing it like my pocket

-I'm a certified guide, renewing all my licences regularly

-guiding for 15 years & made over 3000 tours I can say I'm fairly experienced

-I'm a member of mountain rescue association

-regularly checked, warm & well maintained equipment

-all the safety requirements necessary & insurance

In autunm 2021 my cousin Matej came to me with an idea to aliven an old house in Log pod Mangartom. Since there's nothing else to do in Bovec in winter, I couldn't say no. And so the Kronotop hostel was born. At the beginning the house looked like one of those scarry hounted places, but room by room it started to look like a place you want to spend a night in. The whole winter we were painting, decorating, assembling furniture, cleaning, etc. and here is the result! A friendly, cosy, clean place for you and your family to relax after an adventourous day. And since I own half of it, you get to sleep there for half price if you decide to do 2 activities with me. Just make haste with your reservation to make sure you get a bed, since summertime can be quite busy. Otherwise I will simply make a discount on 2nd activity for you :)

And here is a link to hostel's website:

We start our canyoning tours in the morning at 9h, or afternoon at 14.30h, to avoid the usual crowd, but I am flexible. We meet at my equipment base, Čezsoča 42, there is a wooden garage in the middle of the grass field, which I share with some other local guides. All you need to bring with you is your swimsuit, towel and a bottle of water. If you have an action camera also bring it with you. Here, I will give you all necessary equipment to try and then we go to the canyon. If you prefer, you can go there with your own car, following me, so after canyoning you dont have to come back to Čezsoča with me. When we get to the parking place at the bottom of the canyon we leave our clothes in our cars, take our gear and start our uphill. Warmed up on the top we gear up and enjoy our way down to the parking place, where we say goodbye and part, full of great new memories.

Kronoop descrption
Anchor contact

About the contact and booking, I think it is easiest to send e-mail couple days in advance if you have a chance. I usually answer in the evening, so just wait a bit.

But if you are already in Bovec and want to go canyoning soon, just give me a ring. If I don't answer it only means I'm having a tour right now and I'm in the canyon and I will call you back for sure in few hours max. If I don't answer you can also send me a text, which can be as simple as "Hey, me and 3 more friends want to go Susec tomorrow morning, are you available?" 

Anchor cheap
Piggy Bank

"Why so cheap?" people often ask me. One is only as rich as what he earns minus what he spends. So instead of earning more I decided to spend less by having no:

-booking office in Bovec center
-booking girl answering your e-mails immediately
-lazy boss spending winter on exotic beach or Swiss ski resort
-driver (I can drive, although I'm better in canyoning)
-website designer, cleaning lady, delivered lunch, gardener, ...

-cosy office chair, BMW, weekend house, Windows 10, ...


My equipment room is located in Čezsoča, nice little quiet village 2,5 km from Bovec. In summer time, village is basking in sunlight till very late hours. Lots of hidden sandy beaches by Soča river offer a quiet place to relax after lunch. There are often beach fires in the evening where you can make a delicious Soča trout in embers. The view from the village is spectacular, steep Alps on the north and east, and forest hills on south offer a 360° mountain view. Lots of small paths around the village will make you get lost from everyday bustle. The village has 2 restaurants with local foods and plenty of apartments, so there are always some folks around in summertime, many doing canyoning. You are more than welcome to join them in our mountain gem.


Geology of Bovec valley is favourable to creation of many canyons due to lime stone, which is easily carved by water. Every mountain has plenty of steep gullies, dells  and canyons, lots of them with constant running water. So it is actually difficult to pick up those really good ones to have fun in. But eventually I have come up with a selection of those, that offer most of what you can experience in this mystical world: jumps, slides and rappels in crystal clear water in the middle of pristine nature. All canyons around Bovec are well equipped with anchors and ropes, safe, regularly checked and familiar to me. Consider them my backyard. Come and check them out!

Some nice thoughts from others:

"What a guy! Absolutely brilliant with kids!"

"Jacob explains everything very well and helps you to master all jumps "

"Easy booking, nice price, clean and good equipment"

"The good mood of Jakob made it an unforgettable experience."

"I felt very comfortable with him even with the highest jump"

"He know how to best avoid the crowds"

"As first timers with small children the safety aspect was very important. Jakob is part of the mountain rescue team which was a plus for us selecting him"

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